Evacuee Tracking App

Disaster Evacuee Tracking made Simple, Easy, and Reliable

Viion Solutions' Evacuee Tracking System allows for efficient tracking of evacuees, their pets and belongings using a convenient mobile and web-based application that is easy to learn and operate by local, state, federal and private organizations.

About Viion Solutions’ Evacuee Tracking System

Organizations providing disaster relief support understand how crucial the management of evacuees and their belongings is during a disaster situation. During these events, there has long been a need for an efficient solution that makes the administration and tracking of evacuees and their belongings a seamless process.

Viion Solutions has extensive experience working with Government’s Emergency Disaster Management Agencies. We have used our expertise to create a comprehensive software solution for the tracking and reporting of evacuees and their belongings during disaster events.

Through a very user-friendly mobile app that requires minimal to no training, organizations and volunteers can keep track of the entire evacuation process from evacuee registration to their release from shelters. All of this is achieved while ensuring the safety and security of the evacuees, their loved ones, and their possessions.

How it works



Add evacuee details to the system through a registration form or by scanning their driver’s license, a QR code, or a barcode. Link them to a disaster and evacuation location.



Mark the evacuees as being enroute to their nearest shelter once they board a transport.



Once the evacuees reach the shelter, record that they have left the transport and mark them as checked-in to the shelter.



When the evacuees leave, record them as having left the shelter to indicate that they have returned home.


The Evacuee Tracking System is built using an open-source technological architecture with minimum licensing requirements. Architecture of the system is cloud agnostic making it compatible with most cloud-based platforms and will be available as a Software as a Service (SaaS) model.

Features and Benefits

Intuitive Mobile App and Rapid Registration

Everything from the user interface to the functionality of the Evacuee Tracking Solution has been designed to make it extremely easy to use. It works on any iOS phone or tablet without the need for any additional device. Registration can be done extremely quickly by simply scanning driver’s licenses, barcodes, and QR codes. The only requirement for the application to function is a Mobile Device such as an iPad or iPhone, no additional equipment is needed.

Cloud Agnostic

The application is built using an open-source technological architecture with minimum licensing requirements. The architecture of the system is cloud-agnostic making it compatible with most cloud-based platforms including AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud, and will be available as a Software as a Service (SaaS) model.

Offline mode and GPS capability

In a disaster zone, there is a high likelihood of network outage. For such situations, our mobile application can operate independently with cached data. Upon restoration of the network connection, the data and user activity on the mobile device is synced to the cloud database. The location of the user is reported using the GPS capability of the mobile device. This allows for almost real-time tracking of the user location.

Utmost Security

We understand that security is of utmost importance when it comes to collecting and managing evacuee data. All communication on the application is completely secure with encrypted at-rest data. Hosting on the secure FedRAMP Certified GovCloud is also planned for a future release.

Powerful Administration Dashboard and Data Analytics

Our powerful web-based administration dashboard allows managers and administrators to add incidents, reception centers, shelter locations, transportation and manage users effortlessly. It also has the capability to view reports that perform real-time analytics about the evacuees and their whereabouts. The administration dashboard is a SaaS-based application and can be accessed from a web-based browser on any device.

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